10 essential items for your at home coffee bar

Ok, ok. So your idea of essential items may be different than mine, but you must know: I take my coffee and tea VERY seriously. (well, as seriously as you can take a tasty warm beverage.) I used to be a coffee junkie. (Like, hook it up to my veins, drink a pot before going to bed, junkie.) Then I realized that maaaaybe that wasn't the healthiest, so I had to detox and give it up for a time. I promptly fell in love with tea. (Duh) And now I'm back to coffee as a special treat now and again. Best of both worlds. Boom. Plus, now I actually get that serious, kick it into high gear, talk a million miles a minute jolt from coffee. It's fun. I recommend it. 

I've come to realize that a big part of my love for both is 1) the ritual surrounding them, and 2) all the equipment I can play with to make the perfect cup.

Over the holidays, I decided to gather all of the accouterment into one spot and create our very own coffee and tea bar- a little mecca in the corner of the kitchen. Ready and waiting to lift our spirits at a moments notice. And holy cow do I. LOVE. IT. Just seeing everything standing at attention on the little shelves makes me smile every morning. It also just happens to be approximately five steps from my desk. (Maybe not an accident.)

Everything depicted above is lined up in my bar with my mugs and tea cups, waiting for me to concoct the perfect drink. Ok- everything but one thing. I added one dream item that I hope finds it's way to the shelf sometime soon. Any guesses as to which it is? Hmmm?