100 days project: #100daysofplantsandpots

I've started a new project over on Instagram: #100daysofplantsandpots. Follow along won't you?? Above is the first 10 days (Hurray!)

I was inspired by all of the 100 days projects I was seeing in my feed, so, even though I'm a little late to the game, I thought it would be a good way to kick start a daily art habit for me. Because here's the deal (admission time): I am THE WORST at creating new work, and/or sitting down on a regular basis to just create for the sake of creating vs doing client work. And it really bums me out. (Like REALLY bums me out.) I think I put a lot of pressure on myself, and then that causes a lot of resistance, and then that puts more pressure/guilt on me...it's a vicious circle. 

What I loved about the philosophy of the 100 days project is that the emphasis was on the PROCESS. Once I made that shift in my mind- from having to create the world's next great work of art vs just practicing my skill- I felt free to start cultivating a habit. (It sounds so silly typing that out, but our brains playing the dumbest tricks on us.)

I've been curious to start experimenting with watercolor, and have been feeling a pull to break away from the computer, so I thought I would start there. The assignment still felt too broad though, and I knew I would get frustrated, feel defeated and give up within a matter of days when I would inevitably have no idea what to paint. So, I started to narrow down more and ended up with something I can never seem to get enough of around my house: plants and pots.

It's been absolutely freeing not having to contemplate WHAT I am going to work on. It allows me to sit down every morning and get right to work. AND, I can already see how much fun it will be to see my skill and creative thinking evolve around a specific subject matter over time. 

The subject matter is still broad enough that I have infinite combinations of things to create- and that's fun too because I don't feel restricted at all. 

Follow along with my journey on instagram. Can't wait to see where I'm at in 90 days!