100 words of now


Change. Exploration. Stepping up. Stepping out. Deep conversations. Meditation. Moon energy. Soulful pondering. Cold hands, warm tea. New Hair. Red lipstick. Forging new friendships. Creating with my hands. Learning how to write. Working on vulnerability. Trying to leave fear behind. Longing. Fresh paint. Surrendering to new creative possibilities. Embracing the now. Cutting cords. Asking for signs. Recognizing the signs. Embracing aging. Feeling youthful. Asking for what I want. Recognizing what I need. Doggie snuggles. Stinky collars. Rainy mornings. Blue skies- yes! Finding my style again. Backyard nature sounds. Sisterhood. Wool blankets. Cozying up to the unknown. Airplane rides. New routines.