a weekend of making

For me, making is not just about designing. Or crafting. It's about persuing creative things that help my mind go into that "zen" creative state. I've always said that cooking helps me do this. So does growing; tending a garden or cultivating house plants. Both activities help me unlock from the day and focus my attention on something that still feels creative, but isn't wraught with all the expectations that being in a creative field brings. I think creating in different ways also helps designers and artists to think and be better in their "day jobs." It's like hitting a reset button for me. 

With that in mind I had a particularily creative weekend AWAY from the computer this week!


Friday night started by pulling out my Gocco and printing up some new items for my shop. I love the way everything turned out, and it was fun to see my living and dining room filled with all the individual pieces as they dried.


After getting back from the farmer's market on Saturday morning I made my first ever batch of fermented sauerkraut. It was sooo much easier than I thought it would be. Two jars are happily fermenting away on my pantry shelf-I'll let you know how it turns out in a couple of weeks!



After sauerkraut, I turned my attention to plants. I had a big planter filled with lots of different succulents and most of the plants were starting to fail. Not really sure why. I think several issues are involved. A couple of weeks ago I decided to go into "save the plants" mode and started taking lots of clippings. They have been tucked away since getting ready to be potted. This weekend they found new homes in their pots. Now it's just fingers crossed for the next several weeks to see if they root and start growing. (I sure hope they do. Nothing bums me out more than having my plants die. Seriously. It's so sad to me.)


In the middle of prepping images for my new Etsy items on Sunday, I paused to make a seafood stew. Due to a whole bunch of food sensitivies, I've had to change my diet and have found that the "Paleo" diet is actually pretty darn close to the way I have been eating. It's been fun trying to come up with my own paleo recipes, and getting to know this new way of cooking and eating. This stew turned out AMAZING. (proper post and recipe to come.)

The rest of Sunday was dedicated to my shop: snapping photos (which I love almost as much as making the items) and posting new items. It was a very homebody weekend. But a very good (and creative!) weekend.