Artcrank LAX


I've had bikes on the brain for the last couple of weeks. You see, I'm over the moon excited to be a part of the very first Artcrank LAX! If you're not familiar with Artcrank, head on over here and check it out. It's a poster art show about bikes, biking, and bike culture.

It started in Minneapolis several years ago, and when I lived there it was always a happening event not to be missed. Some of my friends even had work in the shows. And every year I would think, "someday..." too scared to really try to get in. Well the show has spread nationally to several cities and now to London even, and in December the very first Los Angeles show is going down. When I heard there would be an LAX show I figured "what the heck," and submitted to be included, and then was (literally) skipping down the street when I found out I would be part of it. I suppose it's fitting that I'm finally a part of something in my new city that I have loved and admired for so long from my old city.

I'll be posting some little snippets of my progress as I get ready for the show- including restarting something I LOVED doing from years ago- screen printing! AND I would love to see all you LA folks at the show Dec. 8th!