the process of making






Several weeks ago I watched a documentary on Netflix called Between the Folds. It's about origami artists. "Fun" I thought as I qued it up. I like origami as much as the next gal I suppose. What I wasn't expecting was such a fascinating and inspiring movie. Seriously, watch it, you won't regret it. 

Recently I was reminded of a couple of quotes I wrote down from the film:

"The process of making is the point of it. The object looks good if the process felt good."

" try to strive for the final thing being good, but you're also well aware of how beautiful the process is."

What a wonderful way to look at the activity of "making." If the process in of itself is beautiful, the end result has no choice but then to also be beautiful.  I know anyone who has ever made anything can relate to those words. This is why we study and practice, so the journey of making becomes easier and more fluid over time. 

I also always enjoyed taking a peak behind the curtain to see how others create. It's so fun to see tips and tricks other artists and designers have up their sleeves. We all grow as a community when we share, rather than hoard our knowledge as well.

Take Marie Holdaway for example: I loved seeing how her delightlfully simple illustrations came to life-including the use of coffee as medium!

I would love to feature other designers and artists work in process here from time to time. If you or someone you know has a project that shows off not only the end result, but also the beauty of the journey, send it over my way!