Digging out of creative ruts

This past last November I needed a major creative kick in the pants. Not about what I was creating, no. About what I was wearing. I had been freelancing and working from a home office for about 4 years and was completely and utterly disgusted with myself that I had spent the majority of those last years in pajamas or yoga pants. When I first started working from home it was such a novel concept. IM-ing with friends stuck in an office while I sipped coffee in my slippers.

That novelty soon wore off though, and well, I just started feeling like a slob. All the time. Even when I did put clothes on. Nothing seemed to work. I was in a duel to the death with my closet and coming out on the losing side. I had lost my style mojo.


You see, I was always known as one of the more stylish gals in the office. What I wear has always been a direct reflection of how I feel. And I preached that same philosophy to everyone around me. "Yes! What you wear can effect your mood! Your performance! Your day!" So what did it say about me that I didn't care to get dressed during the week for almost 4 years straight? Well, that's a long session on a therapist's couch just waiting to happen.

I didn't realize until recently that my style is actually an outlet of creative expression for me. Yet there I was, floundering, as I struggled to find one thing to wear in a closet that was so overstuffed I quite literally could not fit one more garment into it. I found myself feeling frumpy and grumpy most days. Not creative, and certainly not inspired by my wardrobe. The major problem? Most of the things hanging in said closet were for the life I used to have, (going into an office, working a 9-5), not for the life I am living now. 


I'm happy to say that for the last 2 months I've been getting up and getting dressed every morning. Sometimes, actually more times than not, I'm even swiping on some bold red lipstick. Regardless if I'm going to see another human being that day or not. And guess what? I'm happier. I'm more productive. I feel smarter. (Really, I do!) 

I can't wait to share some more of my style revelations and transformations in the coming weeks as I go through the process of transitioning my closet from a whole bunch of crap I didn't want to wear, to breezily throwing together the perfect freelancer's uniform. 


Step one was the purge. As you can see from this pile of hangers, no mercy was shown. Drastic times call for drastic measures people. And these were drastic times indeed...