Handsome Coffee Roasters


There was a time that I drank so much coffee, that I think the only way to consume more would have been to actually hook it up to my veins and have a continuous stream. Needless to say, I love coffee. Unfortunately, I hardly ever drink it any more. My cupboards are stocked with green and herbal teas, but... I still LOVE coffee.

I don't have a cup of joe too much any more, but when I do I want it to count. The other day I found myself dangerously close to Handsome Coffee Roasters downtown, so I just HAD to stop in. I've been enamored by their branding for quite some time and wanted to see it in person. People, it did not disappoint. (And I am, of course, still enamored by their branding- Side note to anyone out there opening a coffee shop: please, call me! I've ALWAYS wanted to design branding for a coffee shop. Seriously. Call.)  The location, tucked away in the arts district downtown, is a nice little oasis too- open, light and bright. The barista happily answered my questions about their beans while pouring my (perfect) latte, and I took my infrequent treat and sat in the window to soak up some rays as I sipped. 

Next time I plan to bring my laptop along for the ride, sit at the bar to watch the baristas do their thang, and stay for a spell.

images by sarah: very sarie