a blognic recap

So remember Blognic- the blogger picnic I helped organize? Well it happened this past weekend, and it was great!

It was so fun working with Amanda and Kelly. Those are two seriously organized gals! I had a lot of fun creating little touches for the party like labels for the water bottle & takeout boxes (generously provided by Garnish.) And Kelly spun some serious DIY magic with her bunting, garlands and block painted forks (also from Garnish.)


It was a beautiful day. We had a table (mostly) full of sweets, the bees weren't too bad, and it was a blast getting to hang out and chat in person with some other bloggers! We even got a little crafting in at the end of the day.

Be sure to check out all these lovely ladies' blogs. They seriously are the nicest group of gals! And if you're a blogger in LA, don't fret. We're planning on making this a regular event, so keep your eyes open for the next one!







Amanda: Love Creative Blog
Kelly: Studio DIY
Callie: Call me Cal
Theresa: Inspiration Cooperative
Irene: Designstiles
Jennie & Corelyn: Garlic My Soul
Erin: Well in LA
Sharzad: Lux Lyfe
Jen: Finding My Inner Bombshell
Saudia: Red Velvet & Whiskey 
Lynn: The Actor's Diet 

Photos by Amanda of Jean & Gean
Forks & Boxes provided by Garnish.
Bunting, Picnic Blanket Back Drop, and Garlands crafted by Kelly.
Invite and paper goods designed by me.