proof whiskey





I love whiskey. There, I said it. For the most part, if you're pouring me a cocktail, it's going to be brown. I used to be more of a bourbon girl. I'm assuming because I must have been a southern girl in a previous life. (I wouldn't call bourbon a midwestern girl's drink.) When I met Mr. Gooder, he turned me on to Scotch. Previously, I thought I didn't like it. But turns out scotch is like wine, steak, and coffee- All you need is that one "Aha!" moment when tasting the perfect vintage, preparation, or roast and you're hooked for life.

I also love good design. (Hence my profession.) Sometimes there are designers or studios that do such good work they literally piss you off. It's the "why didn't I think of that" scenario. It's design that's consistently so good it makes you want to swear (and does.)

Having said all that I present you with Proof Whiskey. "A social tasting game for single malt connoisseaurs and newbies alike."

It's tasting scotch, it's learning about scotch, it's discovering new scotch, it's an excuse to hang out with friends, and it was (flawlessly) designed by Zeus Jones. An agency that frequently has me muttering F bombs under my breath. 



Also ridiculous? The scotch kit they created to go along with the game. 

Happy Drinking! (and designing)