fall is for wearing sweaters


Unless you live in LA.

So here's the deal. I used to LIVE for fall. The changing of the seasons, the colors, the crisp air. I love it all. Most of all, I love the clothes. Of course this stems from back to school shopping. Picking out the perfect outfits for those first couple of weeks of school was always such a thrill for me.

When I was in high school, we used to take a shopping trip to Madison, Wisconsin and I would get a couple of special things for the year. Back then, I thought Madison was a pretty big and exciting city. I mean, there were Tattoo shops right next to the stores we were shopping in! THAT was something for a girl from Iowa!. Years later, on a random trip through Madison on my way back to Minneapolis from a concert, I got my nose pierced in one of those tattoo shops. But I digress.

There isn't too much sweater wearing in LA this time of year (the forcast for this weekend is 100 degrees!) Lucky for me, I can live vicariously through J Crew. Their sweaters have everything I would be looking for this time of year if I was still in the Midwest. Classic fits and patterns with a little bit of a nerdy and quirky twist. Oh yeah, and let's talk about how perfect their styling always is. Because it is. Always perfect.

For now, I'll keep on wearing tank tops, and dream about throwing on one of these gems come December or January.