instagram love






Today's instagram follow is  Ayumi Kitagawa. Her feed is mostly food images (with an emphasis on breakfast- yay!) The images have such a quiet, simple joy to them. Seriously- it's not unusual to find a subtle smiley face hidden in some of her shots. And well, they're also just darn beautiful.

I also appreciate that she can capture the same subject matter over and over and each image is just as beautiful as the last. Are any of you out there Breaking Bad fans? It reminds me of Jesse's conversation with his girlfriend about Georgia O'Keeffe painting doors over and over. Is it the quest for perfection, or rather a mindfulness to see the beauty in things that we encounter repeatedly in our lives?

Ayumi's images in your feed will make your days a little bit happier. You will however, also end up a little hungrier. And most likely in search of pancakes.