Pin Spiration

A collection of pins that have grabbed my attention lately


from the tart tart

The citrus trees in our yard are heavy with fruit right now, so piles of freshly squeezed rinds are a common site around our kitchen lately. Spending some time photographing these cast offs would be some fun creative play time this week.


from Murat Ibrahim Tumblr

It's hard for me to stop staring at this image. So incredibly dynamic and beautiful.


from They Call Me Redhead

Lips, hair, dress. The colors are perfection. I had my routine hair reddening this weekend, and in my dreams this is how it would be styled every day.


from The Glamourai

It's time to start thinking about how to decorate our bedroom. This image hit all the right notes for me.


from The Design Files

Looking at this neatly organized workshape makes me want to chuck everything from my garage so I can create a making station just like this.