mexico part II: be tulum







The first half of our trip we were in Tulum, and I fell in love. There will be a return trip to spend more time there for sure. We also had the great pleasure of staying at Be Tulum. Let me tell you- this place is so magically serene, it's hard to leave to go explore other things. (Of course we did though- even borrowing some bicycles from the hotel to hit up some restaurants and bars down the road.)

It's hard not to feel peacefully immersed in nature during your stay. Rooms are set in the jungle foliage with individual plunge pools, beach cabana beds sit steps from the ocean, and dining is on the sand and under the stars. Our third night there, the sky dazzeld us during dinner with a full moon over the ocean.

What I found so perfect about the decor is the marriage of rustic beach chic and modern clean lines. Two aesthetics that don't seem like they should blend- but they did. Perfectly. One of my favorite spots in the restaurant was the long, gray beach battered wood table surrounded by the white S chairs, and accented with the hanging lamp that looks like it was stolen from a 1970's living room. I dream of recreating that same set up in my own yard some day, sharing long meals (also under moonlight) with good friends.

It was hard to leave. Very, very hard.