happy friday + let's keep it simple


If I could ever find the original source for this, I would gladly buy an oversize print of it. It's such a playful way to remind us to keep things simple, right? 
The thing is, I drink my coffee black, my water tap and my whiskey neat. That would infer that I'm a pretty simple gal, but unfortunately I'm not all the time. I have this habit of over complicating things in my personal life. Mostly just in my own head- which I supposed makes it easier on everyone else, but not so much for me. 
So this is a good reminder to step back, breathe, and keep it simple when the brain is going a million miles a minute.
To that end, I'm going to try to enjoy some simple pleasures this weekend. How about you? What little things do you do when your mind is whirling and you need to slow it down? (Black coffee and neat whiskey do wonders. Just saying.)
Also be sure to check out my guest post over on Love Creative BLog today. Amanda is taking a little trip to Mexico, so I'm giving her some helpful hints on what to bring!
Happy weekend!
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