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Remember my friend Mark from this post? Well, we've decided to team up on a food feature called Very Taste-full! We both share a love of gardening, cooking, and eating so we thought it would be a great partnership.

I play around in my kitchen in California, come up with ideas for recipes (or riff on others), send the ideas to Mark in St. Louis, and he shoots beautiful photos. Or at least that's how it's working right now. 

Bok choy became the subject matter since I was getting so much of it in my CSA box. As the heat started to rise, I was looking for some ways to eat it cold.

This salad fit the bill perfectly! It's sweet and crisp, and the radish and ginger give it just a little kick. Mark and I both enjoyed it over some cold soba noodles (I highly suggest it) Paired with a crisp lager, it's the perfect healthy summer satisfier.

And huge thank you to Mark's wife Gretchen as well who does the cooking and styling!

Photos by Mark Schepker // Layout by Very Sarie
recipe adapted from the cozy apron