secrets of russia



Something wonderful happened when Company decided to mix art with manufacturing: Secrets of Russia.

'In 2011 Aamu Song and Johan Olin set on a journey to explore Russian manufacturing secrets. The travels in Russia resulted in collaboration with six traditional manufacturers. After visiting each factory, and getting to know their manufacturing secrets, we designed new products based on their tradition. A collection of new traditional items ’Secrets of Russia’ was born.'

I'm so drawn to this collection because it feels rooted in traditional Russian folk art, but it's also incredibly modern and fresh at the same time.It's sweat and precious- in the very best way. And I love the humor injected into most of the pieces: Four season barbie, chicken or egg nesting dolls, the playful mix of stripes on the tea service, and those cute little bear claw boots. 

I love seeing the art world expanding into the realm of commerce in such a thoughtful way. Good design and art become the things that we want to surround ourselves with in everyday life. They shouldn't just be the untouchable relics hanging in museums. (although those certainly have their place too) And mixing in the craftsmanship from the manufacturers as part of the process and project- that takes it to a whole other level as well.