DIY: neon pop pocket notebooks




Aren't all the pops of neon everywhere this summer fun?! I'm especially loving neon colors mixed with neutrals. Here's a way to grab a little neon for your pocket or your purse. (If you're like me, you have tons of little notebooks stashed everywhere for capturing ideas and making lists.) AND I've created some simple patterns you can download to decorate your covers!

You will need:

8.5 x 11 neon office paper (I found mine at Staples) 5 sheets per book
4 x 6 neutral colored card stock paper
a ruler
a cutting mat
a stapler
an exacto knife

1) DOWNLOAD the cover designs (here)

2) PRINT the cover designs onto your 4 x 6 card stock

3) TRIM your office paper to 4 x 6 (you should be able to get 2 sets from one sheet- which will give you 10 pages per book)

4) FOLD the printed cover stock in half

5) FOLD the inside pages in half. I fold them all together in one group. Don't worry if the edges don't line up perfectly- we'll fix that later. If you have a bone folder, go ahead and give the folded edge a nice good press

6) ASSEMBLE the covers and pages together by inserting the folded edge of the inside pages into the folded edge of the cover

7) STAPLE the cover to the pages. Line up the folded edge with your stapler with the cover facing up. This will keep the bent edges of the staples on the inside of your notebook

8) TRIM the edge of the notebook using your ruler and exacto knife. This will give it a nice clean edge.

Give it one last fold to press it down, pop it in your pocket and let the ideas flow!