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I am a firm believer that you should never, ever, stop learning or growing regardless of your level of success or knowledge. There's always room to grow and more to learn. So, I'm taking an e-course right now called The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design- offered as a partnership between Beth Nicholls and Rachel Taylor. I debated whether I should take it or not, because of course I already have a lot of experience with design, but it seemed as if a lot of other issues regarding the business side of surface pattern would be covered, so I thought "what the heck."

Boy am I glad I signed up! We're only one week in and it has turned into a MUCH needed inspirational kick in the pants for me to work on my personal collections. Above is a collection I finished yesterday for an exercise about creating a line of stationery product. What do you think!?

For the first time in a long time I'm actually wanting to just sit and create. Just for me. And it feels good. Oh, don't worry- I still love solving branding, packaging and design problems for my clients, but this course has turned into a much needed breath of creative fresh air!