living home




This past Sunday we took a tour of some prefab homes as part of the Dwell on Design home tours. Wow. It really had our heads spinning. And scheming. Our favorite home was the Living Home 1. It was the very first living home built, and it was assembled on site in 8 hours (say what?!)

Not only is it a stunning home (truly- even more so in person) it was the first in the nation to recieve LEED Platinum. It's full of details like countertops made from recycled newspaper, insulation from recycled denim, a grey water system, and concrete floors made from fly ash (the ash left over from burning coal). Seriously there are too many details to recount here- go take a look at the online tour, it gives specifics about every room in the house.

Of course, after the tour we couldn't stop thinking about having our own prefab home, and Living Homes would be right at the top of our list! Can't wait for Dwell on Design this weekend, so I can fill my head with even more dreams!