shopping for: summer shades

Several years ago I bought a pair of Marc Jacobs sun glasses. At the time I thought I was being a little crazy. I had never, ever spent that much money on a pair of shades. I was always losing them, or crushing them or scratching them in the bottom of my bag. So yeah, I had no business buying a "fancy" pair. But I loved them and I promised myself I would take good care of them.

You know what? I have. Because I invested in something I loved, I have easily taken good care of them. Not a scratch or a ding to be seen. And they're a pretty classic style so I haven't tired of them either. (I tend to be pretty fickle sometimes when it comes to style.) This (relatively) small purchase taught me the value of spending money on quality things that I will own potentially for a lifetime. In the long run you end up spending a lot less money because you're not constantly replacing the cheap versions. (Don't worry, I still impulse buy like crazy at Target!) 

I'd be lying though if I told you I never want to buy another pair of sunnies ever again. Of course I would love to grow my collection! I HAVE always had a thing for the classic ray ban aviators...and those vintage Gucci's are awfully tempting...

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