Desktop Wallpaper: Holiday Sweets



Are you starting to feel the Christmas Crunch?! I'm doing all right. Most of my gifts are purchased and in the mail (thank you Amazon prime!) Living in LA makes it hard to get in the holiday spirit though. Having grown up in the midwest, looking out the window and seeing green grass, blue skies and 75 degree weather just doesn't put you in the Holiday spirit. (Not complaining! Really, I'm not!) I do need some other cues to bolster up that Christmassy feeling though. Thankfully, Kelly over at Studio DIY asked me to make some downloadable gift tags, and well, of course I couldn't stop there!

To make sure you're really in the spirit this year, I made desktop and phone wallpapers of holiday candies for all of you! AND, lucky you, they coordinate perfectly with the tags I made for Studio DIY. So download your wallpapers now, then put some tunes on, and wrap up all your sweet gifts with your tags too!

Desktop Wallpaper / Phone Wallpaper