A backyard Garden to Table Feast

This year, on the Summer Solstice I had the opportunity to join an amazing group of people for a magical dinner under the stars. We got together in the Farmhouse 38 yard- and holy shitballs is that yard gorgeous! Kate has some serious skills, and if you haven't seen her blog yet, I suggest you head on over there. Stat. 

The dinner was the brain child of Kate, and the lovely ladies Jennie and Correlyn from Garlic, My Soul. The concept was simple- a great meal made from as many local ingredients as possible including ones pulled straight from the garden. And hey, why not invite a bunch of other bloggers & creatives and have them join in on the fun too? 


This is the table that greeting guests in the backyard- styled impeccably by Kate. I loved the charming mis-matched chairs. And we were literally, surrounded by her garden. And those flowers! I dye.  But I'll get back to those in a minute. 

very sarie menu card

I was thrilled when Kate and Jennie asked me to create invites and menu cards. It's hard to see on these photos, but I added in some little gold leaf details. It made them fit right in with the sparkly surroundings. 


The food prepared by Garlic, My Soul, was spot on, simple, summer fare. I could smell the BBQ chicken as I was walking up to the house, and I knew we were in for something good!


We were massively spoiled by two different drinks from Bourbon and Goose. One of the fizzy blueberry, rosemary gin variety, and one of the spicy, watermelon, tequila variety. Yeah. It was tough to decide which to have. (first) Those two know how to make a cocktail. Maybe that's why #happyhourclub is such a huge hit. 

Ok. Let's talk flowers. Seriously- they were the star of the night. I could do a whole post on the flowers alone! (Fortunately, I don't need to because Kate already did a way better job than I could here.) I mean, look at them. It was just too much. TOO. MUCH. I declare, from now on, every table, everywhere should be covered with this many florals. The end. (Oh how I wish I had that power…)

There were so many gorgeous arrangements! Kate received blooms from California Cut Flower Commission (specifically from the farms, Mellano & Company, Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers, and the Sun Valley Group) and from Silverlake Farms. Then she unleashed her arranging super powers. All of the flowers are part of the slow flower movement to grow and buy locally sourced blooms. Honestly, I knew nothing of this until I was educated by Kate, but it makes perfect sense. Why not be as conscious about flowers as we are about everything else in our lives. And I'm telling you- these blooms LAST. I took some home with me, and as the arrangement faded I pulled the blooms that were still going strong and tucked them into a new arrangement and they still look gorgeous. People- that was almost 2 weeks ago! I'm a convert. 


Of course the Farmhouse 38 chickens had to join the party. 

Adorable hand drawn name tags by  Amanda from Love Creative

Adorable hand drawn name tags by Amanda from Love Creative

Mr. Farmhouse 38 AKA The Texan

Mr. Farmhouse 38 AKA The Texan

I spent the evening between two of my favorite gals: Marissa and Amanda


After dinner there was pie and the cutest little cheesecakes in a jar (cute enough to stick in your pocket and carry around in case of desert emergency) by Julianne from Beyond Frosting.


An unexpected surprise was a parting gift of sugar scrubs from Laura of Olive and Love. (Recipe on her blog here.) I've gotten my scrub on a couple of times already. As a bonus, it's a quick, sweet, snack in case I'm hungry in the shower :)


And one last thank you goes to Ari Nordhagen of Amen Photography who snapped most of the pics you see here (with a few sprinkled in by me.)

A great evening- so much fun seeing old friends and making new ones. Can we do it again next weekend?!