a city inspired guest bedroom design

Quite some time ago I had a posted an Ikea rast hack for bedside tables in our guest bedroom. Well, I thought it was high time to show everything else that's going on up in there. 

The room went from a scary, junk-piled, holding area to a freshly painted, bright, hometown inspired guest room / office area for Mr. Gooder in about 2 1/2 days- it was a totally whirlwind!

The hometown inspiration was really more of a happy accident than anything else.  The challenge of decorating this room was not really buying much of anything new to decorate it. We had just moved in, and decorating $$ where going to other things, so I wanted to use leftover furniture, etc. in this room. Plus, we had guests hurriedly making their way to our house as I furiously rolled paint on the walls- there wasn't time to shop- ha!

The star of the room is this map- I dug it out of the corner of a musty, run down, junk shop in NE Minneapolis years ago for $25. (I'm actually pretty sure that store was a front for something else, but that's another story for another day.) I knew I wanted to hang it over the bed as a faux headboard, and I already had this beautiful shade of dark slate grey paint leftover from another project, so painting an accent wall behind the bed was a no brainer. Not sure of the date, but I'm guessing it's from the early 60's. We have lots of guests visit from the Twin Cities, and this damn map is always a topic of conversation. Mostly because a large portion of the crowded suburbs that exist today are big areas of open land on this map. And come on- it's just cool. (Who doesn't like an old school house map? Right?)


The next thing I new I wanted in this room were these old theater chairs that were stolen- um, er, I mean PROCURED from my college in Dubuque, IA- which also just happens to be my hometown too. These poor chairs have been unassembled, transported from apartments, houses, basements and storage areas for years, never truly having a place to call home until now. So yeah, anyone who tells you hoarding is bad, well, you can go ahead and tell them to suck it. Cause I've got cool theater chairs in my guest room and they don't. (Disclaimer- if your hoarding practices land you on a television show MAYBE it's time to revisit your level of hoardy-ness. Just saying.)

The Los Angeles art is a photograph that I took of graffiti in Silverlake by artist Tiphanie Brooke. (Seriously, check her stuff out. Very cool chick doing some very cool stuff.)


I wanted something a little more industrial for the lights, and also wanted wall sconces to free up space on the tables, so I whipped up this quick (and painfully easy) DIY. They are frack mirrors from Ikea with the mirrors removed,  then clipped to small flood lights that I spray painted white. Add an edison bulb and Voila! Wall sconces for about $15 a piece. At some point, I'm going to go back and make the cords a little fancier by replacing them with a fabric wrapped version, but they're fine for now. And really, I'm kind of lazy so who knows when that will actually happen.


Then I started realizing how much stuff we had from the cites were we've lived so I just decided to load the room up with all of it. On the shelves, some vintage bottles + a crate printing plate from Dubuque, and an autographed baseball from Twins catcher Joe Mauer. 

The silkscreens below are by Adam Turman and they hold a special place in our heart. The Foshay tower is where Mr. Gooder and I had our official first date (we met in Los Angeles, but he took me on a date in Minneapolis while visiting his family) so I gave him this print for our first Christmas together. The Grain Belt sign is a Twin Cities landmark. It hangs by the bridge that takes you into Northeast- the neighborhood were I lived for pretty much my whole time in Minneapolis.

Love these kitschy embroidered pillows. They're by Cat Studios and there are a ton of different cities and states to choose from. Ours were a gift from Mr. Gooder's Mom.

The bed is from Ikea, unfortunately they don't make it anymore. The rug and quilt are from West Elm- also, I don't believe either is available anymore. The office chair, orange stool, ceramic plant pot and leather overstuffed chair are all vintage. The desk/ wall shelf is from CB2. Besides the DIY side tables and sconces, it's the only new piece that was purchased for the room. It's the perfect size if you're looking for a desk to fit into a tight space. 

Oh- and one last thing. Please, for the love of god, do not judge me for the orange trim and wooden blinds. It's a rental people, there is only so much I can do. So the oak doors and trim stay, and so do the blinds for now. Not really interested in pricing out custom shades for that front bay window. (Again, it's. a. rental.) As much as it truly, and deeply, hurts my sensibilities, I will accept them. For now.