I'm a semi-finalist in the Global Talent Search!


I woke up this morning to some rather exciting news: I'm a semi-finalist in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search! I'm actually quite dumbfounded right now, as I was not expecting this at all. In fact, I almost didn't enter because I was feeling rather ho hum about the whole thing. In the final days leading up to the deadline though, I changed my mind and just worked on creating a piece that I really loved and would want to hang on my wall. "Success!" I thought. I couldn't wait to turn it into a whole collection and get it sent out to some potential buyers. (still can't wait.)  Until today when I thought: "Holy Shit!" 

I am beyond honored to be included with this amazing group of artists- really, the talent level is just stellar. (And intimidating- this is a contest after all!) And, as a dose of extra sweetness, I'm happy to count several other semi-finalists as friends. It was just as exciting to read their names  in the list too (and not surprising as they are massively talented and hard working.)

If you are looking for me, I will be spending the rest of the day reveling in this moment of success. Then, it's back to work. Crack, crack! Ha!

Be sure to check out the gallery of semi-finalists. Really extraordinary work. 

And don't forget the gallery of all 999 submissions. I honestly don't know how they whittled it down to 50 as there are so many incredible pieces by truly amazing artists.