Who inspires me- a Bloghop

Several weeks ago, one of my favorite artists, Stephanie Corfee contacted me about participating in a blog hop titled: Who inspires me.

Ok, first off, I'm thrilled that Stephanie would want to include me. Read her post here. Honestly, her accolades had me blushing. Stephanie- you're a gem! Thank you for your ultra kind words!

I met Stephanie via an online class, and since then have had the pleasure of getting to know her through several private Facebook groups. I just love her to pieces. I'm dying for the day when I get to meet her in person- I just know that will be one for the records!

And this gal is talented. Like, seriously, seriously talented. So being chosen as someone who inspires her? Wow. THAT'S a good feeling!

Not only is she extremely talented as an artist, she's also an author and conducts several online courses. (If you have kids, her Year of Doodles class is a must!) Yeah, Stephanie doesn't sleep much- I've decided she's too busy kicking ass instead of catching zzzz's.

I'm especially in love with this piece she did recently:

And look at these wonderfully lush, scrumptious, doodle-y details. Oh how my heart flutters... (PS, this was her "reject" piece for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. Yeah, I don't think so.)

So- on with the bloghop part where I answer a few questions about myself before passing on the torch to 2 other artists that inspire me. (For the record- had she not picked me, Stephanie would totally be on that list.)


A lot of different stuff! Lately, I'm feeling pulled in several different directions and learning many lessons about being the captain of my own ship. (Here's a big tip- a lot of it doesn't actually involve making art.) However, a common them in the last couple of months has been invitations. I just started a partnership designing wedding invitations with Elli.com, and I will be posting extensively about my first round of designs with them shortly, so watch for that.

I've also been working as a freelance designer for Evite, working on a huge variety of invitations in my own personal style- everything from birthdays, to Halloween, to baby showers and weddings. It's been a blast working with them, and honestly, they are a dream client.

And lastly in the invite department, I just finished illustrating my first ever map for some dear, dear friends' wedding. I can't wait to show the photos of it- it's so adorable, I loved working on it, and knowing that it was created for friends made it an extra special project.

I'm also working with a company right now getting ready to launch my first ever licensed housewares collection. Obviously, I can't wait to spill the beans on that one and I'm dying with anticipation for it to launch and share it with everyone!

Finally, the work I was doing for the Global Talent Search entry and semi-final round occupied a big chunk of my time. (see my submissions for round one and two here and here.) Both pieces are now available for licensing, and I plan on developing both into more extensive collections as well, so be sure to contact me if you're interested in licensing either for your products.


Wow, that's a good question- I don't know that I have an easy answer. Perhaps the short answer is to be connected back to something else. I create new work because something inspires me- usually it's nature or something vintage. But occasionally it could be a movie or a tv show. A poem or a song. I guess designing something that's inspired by something else seems like the easiest way for me to show my love for it.

I also make things that amuse me. When I can make something that makes me smile, or even have a chuckle out of delight- yeah, that's a good day. For sure.


In the interest of shortening up this (ever growing) post, I'm going to direct you to a whole post dedicated to my creative process here.

Alright- now for the two artists that inspire me! Let's be honest here: there are so, so many that I could pick. It's an endless list. Really. But, I wanted to pick artists that not only inspire me with their work, but also their personalities. I was lucky to meet so many talented and inspiring artists at Surtex, so I thought it would be fun to feature a couple of them for this.

First up is Bari J. Ackerman. I officially met Bari online, but it wasn't until we met in person at Surtex that we really connected. I LOVE BARI! This is also a woman who seems to never sleep. The rate at which she pumps out new work boggles my mind. Seriously. She makes me feel downright lazy.

Bari already has an uber successful career as a licensed fabric artist, and her current collections with Art Gallery Fabrics are a delight. Below are some images from the look book of her "Emmy Grace" line. There is an awful lot to love here folks.

She's told me that she considers herself a color nerd. Yep. Woman after my own heart. Following her on Facebook and Instagram is an absolute joy, as she posts new paintings (I swear) just about every single day. And this from a woman who just started painting about a year ago. Wha?!

Her paintings have her signature sophisticated colors, but also lushness and layers that I find particularly dreamy. And you know, florals. Beautiful, beautiful florals. And so many of them. I swoon.

You may be coming across some of her work at your local stores very soon as well as she has just licensed most of her paintings to a wall art company. Yay Bari!

Next up is Sarah Watson. Ok- Sarah. is. just. the. sweetest. AND she's a super talented designer and illustrator- a winning combo! Sarah says: "I want you to feel that you can escape to a luxurious, funny or colorful place when you see my patterns." And escape you do. Sarah has that perfect combination of whimsy and sophistication that I love. And again, a gal who knows how to put a colors together.

And Sarah has some fabric collections to fall in love with too. Below is Luxe in Bloom with Art Gallery Fabrics. 

And how freaking cute are these images from the look book of her Indian Summer collection?!

Find Sarah on Facebook and Instagram too. (As a bonus, you'll get to see snippets of her life with a new little bundle of joy!)

Yeah, I love all these gals. And beyond how incredibly talented each one of them is, I'm also thrilled to count them all as friends.

Go check them out- do it! Do it now!!