a forgotten playground from mark schepker





I'm lucky. I really am. You see, I get to work with super talented people, and then, as if what we do for our work isn't enough, I find out about other hidden talents they may have. Ok, so in the case of my friend Mark Schepker (who is a graphic designer by day), it's not so hidden- I've known for a long time his love of photography. But when I saw this recent series I knew I had to share some with you guys.

These images are like a place stopped in time. I love the quiet, almost mournful quality to them. They were also taken in Missouri, where I lived for one summer after college. I was making and collecting props for a theater company and spent many hours driving through lonely, beautiful rural areas, hunting down illusive pieces of furniture or knick knacks to decorate stage sets . Mark captured perfectly for me some of the places that would pass by my car window. Places that were once shiny and grand, but now offer a quiet beauty in their unkempt neglect.