DIY: reversible double zip clutch & ipad case



I love things that are multi-functional and perhaps have a little bit of quirkiness. So today I'm bringing you a fold over clutch that when opened can also double as an ipad case. The quirkiness comes in with zippers at either end of the bag. I used leather for one side, and a print for the other so the clutch can become reversible depending on which way you fold it.

You will need:

• 2 pieces of coordinating material cut to 9.5" x 11.5": I used red leather and a drapery weight twill (I had some left over from my curtain project)

• 2 pieces of fusible interfacing cut to 9.5" x 11.5"

• 2 zippers 9" long

• pins & your sewing machine


FIrst, iron the interfacing onto the WRONG side of both pieces of fabric. I like to use a pressing cloth (a dish towel works too) over the interfacing just to make sure it doesn't stick to my iron or scorch

Next take one of the zippers and pin it face down to the RIGHT side of one of the pieces of fabric. Using your zipper foot attachment sew the zipper to the fabric. Do the same thing on the opposite end of the same piece of fabric with the other zipper. I made sure my zipper pulls/ends where facing opposite directions, so when both ends are zipped up the pulls are on opposite sides.

Now attach the other piece of fabric to the zippers on each side of the first piece of fabric using the steps above. You will end up with the two pieces attached at both ends with zippers and open sides.

Pin up the sides, and sew them shut. Make sure you leave one of the ends unzipped part way or you won't be able to turn your bag right-side out!

Trim up the seams to about 1/8", turn it right-side out and pop out the corners. I like to give the whole thing a final press to make sure the edges are crisp. You're done!



Enjoy your ipad case by day and your reversible clutch by night!