a couple cooks

It's no secret that I love to cook. It really is a creative outlet for me. The process of cooking can become very zen, and it helps calm my chatty mind. I'm constantly inspired by others abilities in the kitchen too- both preparing beautiful dishes, and creating great recipes. (And I'm a junkie for all the stunning food blogs out there right now. A pretty picture will sucker me in every time.)

My go to blog lately: A Couple Cooks. The site is filled with beautiful images, and simple, well thought out recipes. I have yet to try one that's a flop. In fact, a few have become my go to recipes during the week because they are so easy, fast and delicious. I was also hooked in by their cooking style. It pretty much sums up my feelings, and how I cook as well. Like them, I've found adopting a whole foods lifestyle has made me much, much, better in the kitchen. Isn't that the case with most creative pursuits though? When we stretch ourselves past the limits of what we know, that's when the magic happens.