a shelf for my pans

I love cooking with cast iron. Yes, it's true, it can be hard to get the hang of it at first. But once you do, you'll never go back. Promise.

Storage is kind of a drag though because they're so heavy. I've tried just about every which way to store them so that they're more convenient to use. And every single way I tried sucked. Until now.


I found this picture ledge shelf at Ikea, and it was the perfect solution. My pans tuck right behind the ledge so they don't slide off, and they're always right within arms distance while I'm cooking. No more stacking and unstacking super heavy pans just to toast some pine nuts. No more worrying that I'm going to drop one on my head as I pull it off a pot rack. AND, they just look really cool hanging out there on the kitchen wall.

I used anchors with the screws to hang it, but it also rests on top of the back splash which helps to support most of the weight. Cause like I said, those suckers are ha-evy.


And here's a tip for buying cast iron. Go vintage. The toothy texture that is on the new lodge pans will make you hate cast iron. Forever. Vintage ones are nice and smooth, and when seasoned correctly cooking with them should be like cooking with a non-stick skillet. Even ones that look like they have seen better days generally can be revived. Here is one of the better tutorials I've found about restoring and re-seasoning cast iron.

So get on out there and start scouring those thrift stores and basements for your new kitchen treasures! You'll have them forever. Seriously.