little animals

So I picked up these little animals at the Rosebowl Flea Market this week. (50 cents a piece!) My intention is to paint them. I used to have an obsession with painting everything white. But I love all the little gold animals popping up all over, so thought, what the heck. I need gold animals too!


But then as I was staring at them on my desk yesterday I imagined they would be ever so cute in hot pink with little gold hooves. And what giraffe wouldn't want gold spots?

Then I found these colorful beasts. (seriously, look at that elephant!)


AND these chic little black and gold cats. And that settled it. A more elaborate paint job is in order. 


I'll keep you posted on the results. Be sure to check out this great DIY for gold party animals as well. THAT will be happening in the future.