Make Art that sells: week two


So week two of Lilla Rogers ecourse is done and all I can say is wow. I had no idea what a difference this could make. I'm incredibly proud of the work I made this week, but here's the deal- it's not like two weeks ago I COULDN'T make this work. Something about Lilla's spirit, encouragement, tips, tricks, insights, etc just gets you really exciting about making, and gives you the space and freedom to really experiment and have fun. I can honestly say this is the most fun I've had making art and designing since I was in college, and that was quite awhile ago folks. 

The second week was all about home decor and started out with a mini exercise to draw or paint bromeliads. This made me happy, as I really love nature and florals as a subject matter. These are really weird plants though, so that was an unexpected challenge. It did yeild some interesting results however. (That tricky Lilla.) On Wednesday we found out we would be using our mini's to make designs for plates. It took me a bit to hone in on my designs, but once I did I was off! The image above is what I submitted for class, but once I was finished, I had so much more raw material to work with and was having so much fun that I just kept on going and created a whole line of dishware!




And some bigger shots of the plates just for fun:





I've also really enjoyed being able to use my farm table as an extension of my office. It's fun to have a spot away from the computer to get a little messy!


And here are some of the pages of drawings I made so you can have a peak at what everything looked like before it was scanned into the computer and manipulated.


Can't wait to see what week three brings!