Lilla Rogers Course: Week 1


The first week of Lilla Rogers e-course is completed, and I'm excited to share what I created. 

I drew sooooo much for this assignment, and I intend on spending even more time with the bits and icons I developed to turn them into even more artwork. Not quite finished with these little babies yet!

I learned two big lessons last week:

1) Really commit to solid blocks of time every single day and just sit down and create. Practice, practice, practice. Lilla referenced the book Outliers and the 10,000 hour rule. You don't start out good. You start out with creativity, good taste, maybe some good ideas, then you put your 10,000 hours in to become extraordinary. This is actually about the 5th time this book has been brought up to me in about 3 months so yeah.... universe, I get it. Outliers will be loaded on my kindle by this evening.

2) Make a lot of stuff. Ok, this sort of goes along with the first point, but it is slightly different. Picking just one subject matter this week, I really let myself explore and draw A LOT of the same thing. This helped me to get out of just going with the first couple of things that pop into my head and moving on, and it created a generous library of ideas to pick and choose from once I started my designs. My finished focal print is way more layered and interesting than my patterns usually are as a result. Yay!