a grown up valentine's day party


So here's the deal with me and Valentine's Day. I loved it as a kid- probably because I made my own Valentine's, and any time we spent school time decorating a shoe box with glitter and markers was a good day in my book. But as I got older....not so much. As a romantic holiday, it just never did much for me. I could give you a blahbiddy blah blah about it being too commercial, but I don't know that that's the case.

Because you see, professionally, any time I could work on a Valentine's Day campaign, well, also a good day in my book. So it got me thinking, maybe as adults we've got it all wrong. As kids, it's not a holiday for sweethearts. It's a holiday for love. Love of your teachers, your friends, your parents, heck even your brothers and sisters for a day. So why can't we have that as adults? A grown up Valentine party to celebrate all the loves of our lives. I like it. It may even have to become a new tradition....


kissing booth poster / heart matches / apple, ginger & cranberry vodka cocktails / heart garlands / sweetheart sprinkles / heart balloons / glitter heart cake picks / minty dog cocktail / xoxo bunting / cherry vanilla layer cake