pete's party

This past weekend we celebrated Pete's very first birthday- yay! Pete is the very handsome son of our good friends Paul and Poppy. (We like to refer to them as P3) Poppy had the great idea to have a radio flyer themed party, and had purchased all sorts of goodies to bring it to life. Our friend Steven and I swooped in to help her set it all up and pull it off- and it was Ahhh-dorable.

I posted a few detail images on my instagram feed (follow me, won't you? @verysarie), and here are a few more. Honestly, it only scratches the surface. Hay bails, vintage soda, radio flyer toys, and every kind of classic candy (in red and turquoise of course) you could think of. The candy and flowers were arranged in mason jars, and food was served in vintage burger baskets with striped red paper. Again, ahhhh-dorable.

I just love attention to detail, don't you?