make art that sells: week one

At the very last minute on Sunday night I decided to sign up for Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells course which began this Monday. I had debated it for weeks, and had even debated it the first time she offered the class. I've been in the graphic design industry for so long, did I really need to take another class about the industry? Well, obviously I decided the answer was yes. I've always been an advocate of continuing to learn throughout your whole life, and it's classes like this that make you stretch and grow in ways you wouldn't have pushed yourself in otherwise. 

I also felt the need for something that would really get me in the habit of making/drawing/designing every day. "But wait", you might say, "you're a designer. Aren't you already designing everyday?" Well yes. And no. I'm doing client work, so technically I'm creating things every day. But it's not MY stuff. It's not always the things I really want to be making. And the habit I need to get into is this: even if I have a long day working, I still need to figure out how to carve out time for my illustration and surface pattern design. Hopefully after 5 weeks of this class I'll have set up some good, new habits. Well, that and learned a whole heck of a lot from a woman I have admired and respected for many, many years.

Every week there will be a mini exercise and then an assignment. This week's mini assignment was to draw berries and vintage pyrex dishes. Food and something vintage kitchen? Hello?! Anyone who knows me already knows I was in heaven. 

I collected my drawings here, and intend on sharing more of these drawings and process shots throughout the course of the class. It's not something I've typically done on this blog, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy a little peak behind the curtain as I create. There's also something so simply, magically special about raw drawings before they're put into the computer and transformed into wholly other things too, don't you think? And if you'd like to follow along with my drawing adventures, find me on instagram where I post my doodles under #dailydrawing.