a new year a new calendar

I don't really use printed calendars(I'm also the girl that forgets to flip to the next month, sometimes for several months in a row) but there are so many I love on etsy that most years I find myself buying one just to have something pretty and new on my desk or wall. Ones that I really love almost always get cut up and stuck in a frame as art for years and years as well.

So there I was again on Jan 1 looking through calendars even though it is not something I need (that's what iphones and computers are for, right?) Here are some of my faves:


yumalum: Love that this is one big cool poster. Helps with the previously mentioned flipping problem.



claudiagpearson: Would look so cute on the side of a kitchen cabinet.



ink spot workshop: I'm pretty much a sucker for anything on a tiny clipboard.



Basemint Design: Love the illustrations and the 3 color scheme. Very design-y but not serious at all.



pistachio press: Crafty and contemporary. Love. This is the one I would end up framing at the end of the year. (how cute for a sewing/craft room!)




medowlark creative: Pretty sure this is the one I'll end up buying. I love that all the months are inspired by the new belgium beers (who doesn't like them, right?) and that they are coasters. I won't lie to you, I would seriously love to actually use these as coasters. Or artwork....decisions, decisions....