(eating) larry's chili dog


So by now you've figured out that I'm inspired by food- truly, I am. From experiencing a new restaurant or cuisine- the flavors, smells, decor- to cooking the food itself. Cooking especially I find to be a great creative outlet. It's sort of zen like. You're creating something from scratch, and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, and you have to be ok with that. It also provides me with a form of instant gratification that doesn't always come from design projects that can linger on for months and months. With cooking, (and eating) there is a beginning, middle and end, and the cycle generally only takes a couple of hours. 

Today I'm posting about Larry's Chili dog for a couple of reasons. The first: what's inspiring about a hot dog stand? Come on! Look at that sign! Those old timey soda's! The hamburger wrapper! That is one tiny stand bursting with vintage graphic goodness. Is it healthy? Hell no. Which brings me to the second reason why I'm posting this today.

Oct 1 marks the official beginning of one month of officially eating a whole foods plant based diet for me and my sweetie- interspersed with some other juice cleansing that I will be doing separately. I won't get into why, but I will tell you this: cookies, candies, sweats- those are not my achilles heel. This my friends- Larry's chili dog and the likes- are it. My all time biggest weakness, and where I turn when I need a naughty treat. So I say goodbye for now. I will miss you. But my arteries won't.