decorating on a dime: creating an instant collection




After painting the walls of our bathroom grey to match the slate tiles in there (the color is Purrr-fect!) I was looking for a way to inject just a little color. First step- as is always one of my first steps- was to find a plant to snuggle into the corner by the window. The bright pop of green looked so great with the grey walls, that I was immediately on the hunt for some more of it. 

Enter from stage left a pack of vintage Rand McNally tree flash cards that have been knocking around the inside of countless drawers and bins of mine over the years. I picked these up at a thrift store ages ago and I've always loved them but never really quite knew what to do with them. 
About 15 minutes later with the help of a level and some gold washi tape I had myself a pretty rad art installation. I didn't even measure folks. That's how easy this is. I was afraid the moisture in the bathroom might be too much for the tape and paper, but several months later they're both holding strong.
I could see this working with so many different things- photos, concert tickets, and book pages are a few that come to mind. And the more individual pieces you have, the more impressive it will look. Not bad for a total cost of about $5. Plus I can quiz myself every time I visit the restroom.