Trend watch: let's hear it for copper


mirror from Le Shop

It seems like everywhere I look lately I'm seeing copper- and I love it! Metallic accents always have my heart, but copper adds a feeling of warmth and softness that other metals just don't seem to match. I also feel like copper is a great way to sneak in a slightly femine vibe without that man person who lives in your house going totally balistic- the way he might do with say gold, or brass.



Both of these round pendents are stunning. It's hard to argue with the scale and grouping of the Tom Dixon pendant, and the other is injecting interesting color and texture into an otherwise muted room. (source unknown)


I'm also quite smitten with the industrial yet refined vibe of this little gem. 


Oh hello little hammered pitchers. Aren't you cute. And you, U shaped candlestick, you tease me with your modern simplicity.


I didn't realize I needed a giant #4 until I saw this. But now. I must have it. Too bad I don't have marble walls in my kitchen or I'd be stringing copper tubing all over like this to hang things. Oh, and I'm in a rental, so maybe my landlord wouldn't like that. And speaking of marble, this cute little House Doctor lamp proves that the two surfaces are a match made in heaven.


If you REALLY want to go for it though, check out this copper wall- Yowzer! Gorgeous. If you do install a giant copper wall however, you will have to get a matching bicycle to park behind it, natch.