get crafty


It all started with Carmegeddon...well, sort of. It started the weekend before when I rearranged the living room, which led me to look at the dining room and say "hmmmm." Carmageddon was keeping people off the roads for the weekend, so that Sunday I turned my attention to the dining room. Actually- that's not even completely true. Really I turned my attention to this fabric. I've had it forever. It was supposed to be used for a project that never happened. I still love it. But there it sat. Sunday morning I had all sorts of ideas for it and had pretty much settled on turning it into a dog bed for Rita. Then I walked by the dining room and went "hmmmmm" again. The dog bed project turned into a drapery project! And boy am I glad it did!

Generally when I start one crafty project it snowballs into several others. Which this did. It prompted me to finally frame up my Adam Turnman print of the Grainbelt sign-which just happens to match the Foshay print I gave my sweetie for Christmas a couple of years ago- they're both Minneapolis landmarks BTW. (Our first official date was in Minneapolis and started out at the Foshay, so it's a special piece.) Also, can't tell you how much money my various jobs working in frame shops through college has saved me. Love having that little skill in my toolbox.



Since I was already at IKEA getting a frame for the Grainbelt print, I picked up some frames for these Blanca Gomez prints that I bought over a year ago. I love how they tie the whole room together now.

The Lard container is from my hometown, Dubuque, IA. I've had it for ages and it's performed many tasks. In it's current iteration, I've put a canvas liner in it and use it as my clothes hamper. The B.C. print is actually a silk screen (the actual screen, not the print). It's a relic from years ago when I worked as a scenic at a commercial painting studio- it's also been around for awhile, and has had many iterations. 

I'm loving how the house is coming together as I come up on my one year anniversary. I'll update you with more rooms soon!