Gently shake the world


I spent some time this morning both doodling with no particular agenda, and also practicing calligraphy. When I was finished I thought it would be fun to combine the two together!
I love this quote. It's a good reminder for so many aspects of my life. Am I starting an environmental protection campaign? No. But I do make sure to recycle all my plastic and glass and compost my kitchen scraps. Gentle. Do I volunteer at the local shelter? No. But I do randomly give food and water to homeless people. Gentle.
Gently shaking the world strikes me most in my creative pursuits. Sometimes I think it's hard for designers and artists to know that what they are creating has value or makes the world a better place. But I've come to realize that I gently shake the world by adding beauty. And everyone wants to be surrounded by beauty. And if they say they don't, well, they are big fat liars. No, I'm not transplanting hearts, or plotting out the blueprints to revitalize urban areas, but that is how someone else gently shakes. And for them, I am grateful.