(shopping) graphic rugs

So this weekend I went to the rose bowl flea market and scored the most excellent mid-century stereo cabinet with built in speakers. (The cabinet and the flea market require their own separate posts.) Long story short this purchase caused for some living room rearranging, which led to the realization that a new rug purchase was also in order.

I hate shopping for rugs for the same reason I love shopping for rugs- there are soooooo many options! Culling through it all trying to find the right solution can be exhausting. I prefer to do it on-line because I can scroll through pages and pages rather quickly. And really, shopping for rugs in brick and mortars is exhausting in a different way. When you're finished a shower and a protein recovery shake are in order because digging through the piles and piles of rugs is a full on workout.

For my living room I want something graphic and bold, but not super crazy. I've narrowed it to these few options. And I know- the solid flor tiles aren't graphic per say, but mixing different textures in similar colors would give just enough bold pattern without overwhelming with multiple colors. 

I think I've decided on my favorite already...

west elm bull's-eye rug / flor feelin' groovy / flor rake me over / yellow ombre stripe rug / blue grey classic pattern rug / wood grain rug