Milton Glaser: Drawing to see the world


When I was in art school I focused primarily on drawing. I also found it the most difficult to do however. I think because it requires massive amounts of concentration to really "see" what you are looking at and then translate that into simple lines and curves. 

As I moved away from fine arts and into graphic arts, I unceremoniously abandoned drawing- feeling perhaps, that I was never any good at it in the first place. Now, as I develop my surface pattern designs and force myself to sit down and draw on a regular basis, I find it brings me quite a bit of joy (and I'm actually not bad- especially as I practice.) I find this drawing time to be filled with moments of zen where I'm required to (once again) really focus on the world around me and contemplate what I am actually seeing vs what I believe to be true and then express that onto paper. Milton Glaser's thoughts on drawing in this video capture the essence of that feeling brilliantly.