Well hello there- so very nice to meet you!


Welcome to Very Sarie- I'm Sarah! When I'm not blogging, I design surface patterns, branding, print and packaging. I live in Los Angeles now, but I spent most of my life in the midwest. My childhood was filled with days chasing butterflies through clover fields and creeks in Dubuque, IA. Then, after graduating from college I called Minneapolis, MN home for 12 years. (I still really love that city.)

I'm so lucky that my job is filled with days combing for inspiration, and this blog is a place for me to collect the best bits for you! That's everything from design, to fashion, to crafts, to cooking (and eating!) travel and more.

When not in front of my beloved Macbook Pro, you can find me stitch witchin' behind my sewing machine, whipping up a culinary delight with the latest round of veggies from the garden and farmer's market, or out and about trolling flea markets and thrift stores for my next DIY victim. Rita the pitbull is never far from my side (usually sleeping under the desk.) I love mixing vintage and modern fashion, and have an embarrassing collection of high heels. I'd like to say it's because I'm really short, but mostly it's just because I love them. Alas, they spend most of their days on the floor instead of on my feet. Sigh.

Are you looking for design, insight, or inspiration? Drop me a line or give me a call sometime. I'll help you find the perfect solution.

email: sarah {at} verysarie {dot} com
phone: 612.281.2913
twitter: @verysarie