Ikea credenza hack


Yesterday I shared my office with you, and today I wanted to go a little more in depth into that purdy little credenza behind my desk.
I fell in love with several white laquer credenzas in a hollywood regency style- to the tune of about $2000-3000. Yikes! Although the pieces were worth it, that was not in my budget. I thought about making over a dresser, but I didn't want drawers to store my things I wanted cabinets. Office things + drawers = a black hole of scaps of paper, books with covers ripped off, and things we don't even want to begin to talk about.
I'm a big fan of the fauxdenza ikea hacks on Door Sixteen and the Brick House and thought I could do something similar with my own special twist. Since it's a rental, and because I wasn't feeling overly ambitious about attaching super heavy things to the wall, I actually didn't go the fauxdenza route, instead opting for some simple mid-century furniture legs on my Ikea cabinet bases. (Found at Ace Hardware- Thanks Ace!) 

 I chose the more expensive gloss white doors from Ikea. The finish just makes the whole piece look so much more expensive than it is. I found vintage hardware at Rick's Hardware in North Hollywood. You must go if you're in LA- It's vintage hardware heaven! It's a tip I picked up from Emily Henderson, and turns out it's pretty much just around the corner from our new place. The new hardware gives the doors that little extra something, something they needed, and they only cost about three dollars a piece. Score!

I opted for the fancy wood top (walnut), and spent some time in a high end lumber store picking out the right piece. It was the most expensive part, but worth it to me so that it would tie in with the rest of my furniture. Plus, the Ikea cabinets have hardware on the top that I wanted to cover. 

When it was all said and done I spent about $450 on everything. No, not dirt cheap, but still a lot better than $2000!

I'm starting to like this Ikea hacking thing!