An office makeover


Ok- So technically this post should be titled "turning an empty dining room space into an office." Semantics. Meh. 
It's true though. We more than lucked out on the house we found to rent- it's a beautiful, welcoming space with lots of California character. But what we gained in character we had to give on my desire for a third bedroom- which I was planning to use as a dedicated office space.
A little creative space planning later, I found myself turning a small dining room (which we decided we wouldn't use anyhow-  there's seating at the kitchen counter, and space out back on the deck where we put our old dining table) into my office. Huzzah!
At first I didn't know if I would like working in a space that was open to the rest of the house, but turns out, I love it! Plus- the openness forces me to keep tabs on my messy office habits. Double win.




The first step was painting the walls- which were a dingy olive green color. THAT was not going to do- no sir-y. I chose a pale blue. Actually, I chose what I thought was a white with a blue cast, and when I put it on the walls it was a pale blue. Which completely freaked me out at first. Now I love it. 
I'm still completely in love with these ottomans that I magically transformed. I drastically reduced my hoarded fabric collection, and it's now filling both of them. And yes, they're already overflowing. Don't judge. Hoarders are people too.


Figuring out storage was number one priority. I already had the vintage danish side tables (scoped up at a consignment shop in Minneasota for $40. What?!) It just so happened they fit perfectly on each side of the wall opening to the front room.
I got the little wooden shelf at a thrift store recently. It's an old record holder- 45's I think- that someone made themselves. Mine for a cool $10. It's perfect for stashing all my current bills/paperwork/notebooks until I find the time to process and file everything.
Tomorrow I'll go more in depth about that credenza you see behind my desk. It's actually a DIY Ikea hack. (Yeah Ikea hacks!)
Speaking of Ikea- that's where my desk is from too. It's actually a dining room table, I love the minimalist lines and it was the perfect size for the room.
The artwork is all stuff that I have collected here and there over the years, and most pieces hold a special memory so it's nice to be surrounded by them. Several of the bird and nature paintings are painted on silk in intricate detail with the most delicate hand- which I find endlessly fascinating. Probably because it's so different than my own personal design and drawing style. Plus, they're all older than me I'm sure. Sometimes I like to imagine the lives they've lived and the rooms they've decorated before they fell into my hands. These are the things I daydream about folks.
I also loved going back and looking at this post to see how much I stayed on track with my initial thoughts for the room- I think I did good!