Hacking Rast Part II


So remember, oh I don't know, like three months ago when my guest room looked like this? Well, it stopped looking like that about three days after I posted that mess of a room but I had yet to post the transformation.

I love the way the whole room turned out and I'll be posting photos of it soon, but until then, here's the little rast hack I talked about taking on.

Honestly, this project should have been really simple, but it was one of those projects where I seemed to mess up every single step and it took waaaaaayyy longer than it should have. I know why- because we had guests coming and I was trying to paint and decorate the room in like a day and a half. So yeah, don't do that.You'll only make yourself angry. Very, very angry.


Because I love you and don't want you to put yourself though the same torment I'm going to explain what I did the way it should have been done- lest you repeat my same mistakes.

First stain and seal the outside pieces of the dresser. I assembled mine first. Don't do that. I think it would be easier to get everything in the finish you want and then assemble. Then you don't have to worry about nooks and crannies as much.


Then I covered the drawer fronts in fabric. Again, do this before assembling. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and follow the directions from this hack and Martha Stewart. I thought I was a big smarty pants and threw my own version of the steps in there. Big mistake. And what do we learn from these mistakes? Martha. Knows. Best.

I choose a cream fabric that has a small gold fleck woven into it. It's rugged and feminine at the same time. Just like me. :) Seriously though- It's quite nice as it gives a little more dimension and interest to the fabric. It was with the burlaps, and it's kind of like a burlap, but has a much tighter weave. And I must say, it was pretty forgiving.

I picked it up at my local JoAnn fabrics for (I think) about $12 a yard.

The finishing touch is the leather pull. I fell in love with the idea from The Brick House. I, like everyone else, can't seem to find the flat hex head caps she is using, but I did find regular old hex caps that I like quite a bit. I also found that the pulls laid nicer if I glued the two pieces together at the top before putting the holes in. I got the screws and caps at The DoIt Center. (Yes, that's really a name of a store.) It was the only place I could find caps of any kind.


So there you have it, another Ikea Rast hack. What do you think?!