June 2013


Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! We were pretty lazy around here and that was A-Ok. I did spent some time reflecting back on June. It was a good month in so many ways. 
First, it's my birthday month, so you know, there's that. Being surprised with flowers on your doorstep is always a good thing- especially if it's for your birthday! My sweetie surprised me with great seats at the Hollywood Bowl to see She & Him and Emmylou Harris. It was such a thoughtful gift and we had the best time!
Also, my old friend Kristina came to visit. As a coincidence she showed up the morning of my birthday and that was the best gift ever. We hadn't hung out like that in probably 10 years, but two seconds after I picked her up it was like we had seen each other yesterday. (Don't you love friends like that?!) The universe put us in each others paths again at just the right time too. We learned so much from each other in those few short days. 
I visited Canele for the first time and learned that pouring an espresso shot over coffee cake is a very, very good thing. (Seriously, I'll go back just for that.)
You know that summer is really getting under way too when you can buy giant bags of cherries on the side of the road and spend the week snacking on them.
One of the best things to happen in June though was teaching Rita how to swim! We had a couple of scary moments when she fell in the pool and sunk to the bottom like a rock. Luckily both times Craig was able to jump in and fish her out, but it was unsettling to say the least. She wasn't too keen on going in for her first few lessons, but she's swimming around like a champ now! One less thing to worry about as we spend more and more time poolside this summer!
All images are from my instagram feed- check it out here!