hacking rast

In one weeks time we have our first guests coming to stay with us at our new place. It's a very exciting time, especially considering we couldn't house guests at our last place. So really, these friends are our first house guests ever. 

Here's the problem- that means I have one week to transform this into a place where people would actually want to sleep:

Photo 2

People, I am not proud of this. This is just the state of things. The second bedroom has become the dumping ground/ holding area for anything we don't have a spot for yet or just simple haven't unpacked or put away. And all you judgey Mcjudgersons out there can just shut it. I know every one of you has done this to some extent when moving into a new place. 

I need solutions, and I need them to be cheap (and fast if they can be) because I'm spending decorating dollars in other rooms, so this doesn't have high priority in terms of budget. Still, we want it to look good, no?

Enter Ikea Rast. This little puppy is $34.99. I'm thinking two of these babies given the Very Sarie treatment might do just fine. I pulled a few of my favorite rast hacks for inspiration:


Naomi Stein brilliantly covered hers with overlays and they look totally high end. (And can we talk about that wall color? Please?) via Design Sponge


Campaign rast makeovers are all over the place, but this one caught me eye with that great color. 


A simple and chic wood and white makeover by Lindsay Stephenson.


Black paint and swanky hardware gives Naomi Stein's other rast hack an asian flair.


I wouldn't do this in my guest room, but I really loved the more industrial look, and the unifying top piece of this hack.


Again, maybe not for me, but this is a great way to work with the cheaper materials of the dresser instead of agains it. Perfect for a little boys room or maybe a rustic/industrial office. 


Covering the rast in fabric may be one of my favorite ideas, and this linen covered version by Hello Bourdreau takes the cake. It looks so high end with nary a sniff of ikea in sight. 

I have my ideas for what I'm going to do, but what about you? Which is your favorite and how would you hack a rast this weekend?